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Firefox Mobile 1.1 almost out, RC1 with in-built Mozilla Crash Reporter

Firefox Mobile 1.1 will soon see the lights, the first release candidate is now available for the Maemo platform, for Nokia N900 users. The last time I played with it, it (Firefox for Maemo 1.1 ) was a feature-full stable beta that introduced many user-interface features thatdidn’t make it into version 1.0. Firefox Mobile 1.1 brings better browsing experience to users; the start page has been redesigned, add-ons are now auto updated, form assistant gets auto-complete, easy zooming via volume keys (N900). Mozilla also got time to introduce its Crash Reporter before the final release. Crash Reporter for Firefox Mobile “Fennec” is the same to what you’ll find in the desktop builds of Firefox 3, Thunderbird 3 and SeaMonkey 2.

Unbranded Fennec desktop builds on Windows, Mac, and Linux are also available, if you’re reading this post from a Maemo device, click here to install. Add-on developers are called to update their add-ons from Firefox 1.0.x for Maemo.

As the Mark Finkle’s Weblog points out, if you installed Firefox mobile 1.0.x from the Ovi Store, you won’t be able to upgrade to Fennec ‘Maemo’ 1.1 RC 1, but you’ll be updated to Firefox 1.1 final when it is released. To get Firefox 1.1 RC 1 on your Maemo device you’ll have to manually download it. Read the Release Notes.