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VLC Portable 1.0 for your Pen Drive

After upgrading to VLC 1.0 on your home and office PCs, its now time to get the 20MB, no-install VLC Portable 1.0 on your thumb drive.
VLC Portable 1.0 is a carbon-copy of the original VLC 1.0. It has all the features you’ll find in VLC 1.0, moreover it respects your privacy as it leaves behind NO personal information on any Windows system.

The best advice if you have a big USB drive, is to carry along with you, your audio/video files together with VLC Portable, just in case the Windows PC you come across can’t read the audio/video formats you have in your external drive.
VLC Portable 1.0 like VLC 1.0 is a free app with the GNU/GPL license.

VLC Media Player Portable --version 1.0.0