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More UI for Opera 10 beta 2

Gosh, Opera 10 Beta 2 comes with so many improvements, adds and fixes that makes it absolutely necessary for Opera 10 Beta 1 users to update/upgrade. Amongst the many adds in Opera 10 Beta 2 for Linux stand-out those for the User Interface;

  • Opera Turbo warning icon
  • A “Synchronize Opera” button in the Speed Dial page
  • Tab icons (inverted) for panels viewed as tabs
  • Password Manager with context-menu support
  • Multiple-server support for Auto Update
  • More…

. The changelog lists many changes for this release especially for the Opera user interface, mail, chat and news, display and scripting, security and network. The Windows changelog alone lists more than 100 items that have been added, changed or fixed in Opera 10 Beta 2.

You can download Opera 10 Beta 2 from the website or upgrade from Opera 10 Beta 1 in Help -> Check for Updates

See Opera Changelogs for All platforms

Opera Browser is a free download for Mac, Linux and Windows.