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Use VLC 1.0 to Record Video Segments from DVDs

For Windows, Linux: Recently released VLC 1.0’s has a cool feature that permits you to trim-down video, be it a DVD or an AVI file, by simply recording the wanted segments, thus leaving out the unwanted.

This feature that records almost everything that VLC 1.0 plays is found in Advanced Controls; View -> Advanced Controls. Just hit the “Record” button to start saving/recording a video, and hit it again to stop recording.

Each time you stop recording a new segment of the video is saved in your Home /home/username directory in Ubuntu, in Windows in your Document folder.

So you can create many video segments from one big DVD video and upload say to YouTube.

Ripped DVD segments are saved in MPG format, but the FLV – Flash Video files I recorded with VLC 1.0 were saved in the AVI file format and often had poor sound quality.

via Lifehacker ~ VLC 1.0 Records Video from DVDs