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Ndomche Summary Theme – II Columns now available for Blogger

The Ndomche brand of Themes now has a new “fashion-line” for Bloggers. The first product of this line is a carbon-copy of the Ndomche Summary Theme – II Columns for WordPress 2.5

Characteristic – Features

This grid-based template includes;
1) The Embedded Comment Form below your post, just as in WordPress
2) The Read More that WordPress User have since benefited from.

Live Demo

Preview Here


Get Ndomche – II Columns for Blogger !!!


1) To Obtain the Embedded Comment Form
Go to Blogger in Draft and scroll down to the feature; Embed Comment Form or use this direct-link to Your Blogger Draft Get into Your Account. Under the Settings tab move to Comments and scroll down the page the new “Comment Form Placement“.
Then choose ” Embedded below post” to enable the display of the comment form beneath your blog posts.
You’re not obliged to this, with this template you can go ahead and use the traditional way of posting comments, that is – using the Comment Pop-up Window via Post a Comment.

2) To obtain
Go to your Blogger Account, Settings => Formatting and move down to => Post Template. Therein paste this code

So every time you have a post, you’ll find this code already present. All you’ll have to do is make the teaser text go above the tag whilst the rest of the post-body goes between the and the tags.