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Kabatology:Open Source, Linux Redesigned

After putting in hours, days and weeks I can finally say Kabatology now has a new professional and Adsense-optimized WordPress theme. Cleaning up the code was more tedious, brain-cracking (Case Tête) and time-wasting than I expected. Anyway the positive feedbacks I received, say it was worth the pain. Web designing is a continuous process, one can never say its all over. I’ll say for now this is the base design. So, what’s new…
1.Got a new logo. i guess this is the most difficult part of it. I’m not sure I like it and I’m not sure for how long I’m going to keep it but for now its OK.
2.The External Sidebar that covers the whole page. Original for a WordPress Theme.
3.Martin Kaba aka Kanute unveiled on the Author Page
4.Lastly, this theme has been tested and is compatible with the following browsers:

Windows Platform
Internet Explorer 5.5, 6 and 7
Mozilla Firefox
Opera 8 and 9
Netscape Navigator.

Linux Platform (Ubuntu)
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer 5 and 6

Well, this Theme will soon be available for those who are interested. Stay tuned!!!