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A MyDashboard Plugin review

The author of this remarkable plugin, Barry for Clearskys intends giving new features and a bit of colour to the old WordPress dashboard. The new plugin called The MyDashboard plugin is designed to replace the limited WordPress dashboard with something a bit more useful, extend-able and skinnable.

Features include:

  • Drag and drop to reorder the gadgets location to your liking.
  • Add or remove gadgets at will.
  • Fully extend-able – easily add your own gadgets to the dashboard using the very simple API.
  • Skinnable – The look of the dashboard can be changed simply by selecting a different skin (CSS style sheet).
  • Standard gadgets – provides a number of standard gadgets.
  • The Installation of this plugin is like that of many other WordPress plugins: unzip, upload and activate. Just make sure you get the right version of MyDashboard for your WordPress.

    Conclusion: Kabatalogy has tested this plugin for you, anddidn’t find any flaws. The plugin effectively gives a new-look to the WordPress dashboard and does just what its made for.

    You could download this plugin from the WordPress Extend page or from the Google code page