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Opera 10 Goes Final

Opera 10 Final

Turbo packed Opera 10 browser finally hits the road. The final release of Opera 10 is now available for ALL. You can now safely install Opera 10 browser on your Mac, Linux or Windows.

As often said, No news is Good new, Opera 10 Final comes with no new info which means this final release is much like Opera 10 RC2 released a week ago. Anyway its advisable to ditch out Opera 10 Rc2 for the Final release.

So you’ve tried it all, the new slick design, Visual Tabs, Turbo charged browsing, Improved e-mail client etc”. Now its up to you todecide to make your default browser or not. Its a tough decision if you consider Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5 also known as the Fastest Firefox ever and plusvalenza Google Chrome.
Opera 10 browser is a free download for Mac, Linux and Windows.

Opera 10 Announcement