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Get RSS and Twitter Updates on Your Monitor with FeedRoller

Windows only: FeedRoller does what it says, it places at the top of your monitor your RSS feeds and Twitter Updates. On my 24″ LCD Monitor it’s almost perfect, but my 17-inch laptop monitor is just too small, I can’t let FeedRoller’s black background banner eat up more space.

Feedroller is very customizable, you can adjust the Font face, Font Size, as well as Font colors and background Colors. If you want only very current new you can set that up MaxAge. MaxAge less than 24 hours for example. Don’t bother if you end-up to “poorly” configure it. The Restore Default Settings button takes you back to the start.

The plenty hot keys really get it “hot”. PrintScreen will open the page of the article being displayed by FeedRoller, ScrollLock takes it off from the top of the screen, you can put it to pause and scroll to previous headline and more.

RSS feeds start flowing in immediately after installation. To get Twitter
updates, do F12 -> Add Twitter, hand-over your username and password.

FeedRoller, lightweight RSS and Twitter feed ticker is freeware for Windows only. The is also a portable version.

via [ Lifehacker ]