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CrossOver Games 8.0 Released

CrossOver Games

The guys at CodeWeavers have released an enhanced version 8.0 of CrossOver Games, that like Crossover Chromium is based on Wine (Open Source Software for running Windows applications on other operating systems like Mac and Linux) open source project.
CrossOver Games allows Windows games to be played on Mac and Linux PCs without the need for a Windows operating system license.

CrossOver Games 8.0 comes with support for Left4Dead and Tales of Monkey Island (Steam version only), Perfect World International’s games Perfect World, Jade Empire, Ether Saga, Aeria Games’ Dragon Sky, Shaiya (Non-English versions only), and unofficial support for their Last Chaos title on Linux.

Added to CrossOver Games 8.0 are numerous bug fixes and improvements for Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Spore, Guild Wars, Civilization IV, Bejeweled and unsupported titles such as EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Pharaoh, City of Heroes and Lego Starwars.

If you’ve been following up previous releases of CrossOver Games 8.0, then go see the changelog, if this is the first you come across it, then know that CrossOver Games is a download-only product that costs $39.95 (£25.99), which includes 12 months of free product support and software updates.

You can also obtain a 7 day trial version of CrossOver Games for your Mac or Linux desktops by providing a valid email address. The Mac version requires an Intel Mac.

CrossOver Games 8.0 – Press Release

CrossOver Games 8.0 Released