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Browse without installing a browser: ioSwiftFox


For Linux Fans: This is unique, comes from the Linux world for the Linux world only. Have you ever seen a browser that runs directly from the RAM? It requires absolutely no installation and doesn’t even require root privileges to run for the first time. Presenting ioSwiftFox. Believe me, it is faster than Firefox and Swiftfox and also works with your existing Firefox extensions. ioSwiftFox is a recompilation of Firefox 2 for Infodomestic Objects Linux. It is developed and tested under Ubuntu Linux, and can be run with just one click without installation on your system.

To get ioSwiftFox up and running, Download the file and enter the following three commands into the terminal:

chmod +x ioSwiftFox2.0.0.6-xxx

ioSwiftFox Screenshot

Please turn down Firefox open when you run ioSwiftFox for the first time.
You could also carry it around on your pendrive just like I do.