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PC Login Now – The Fastest Windows Password Recovery Tool

PC Login Now

If you urgently want to regain access to your PC but can’t remember your password, then this freeware is for you. If you want to steal your way into a colleagues, girlfriend or brothers PC, then think twice before using this password recovery tool. Why? Because PC Login Now does not recover your lost password, it erases it; in other words it gives you a “blank password”. Meaning, after rebooting you’ll have direct access to your PC, be it Windows Vista, Windows XP/XP with SP2, Windows 2003 server or Windows 2000/NT – But your colleagues will notice the complete absence of a password and you’ll find yourself in trouble. In this case, use Opchrack Live Cd.

To use it, download the ISO image and burn it with K3B burner, then boot from the CD. PC Login Now is now ready to reset/erase any account, be it the Administrator account or a Guest account. Easy.

Authors Note: Whilst trying recover the password of a Windows Vista PC with the Opchrack LiveCD, I had the following issue =>”All Lm hashes are empty, please use NThash tables to crack the remaining hashes”. The tables cost $249 . If you can afford it, OK, if not, move ahead try something else.