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Wally Rotates Desktop Backgrounds in Linux, Windows and MacOSX

Wally Wallpaper switcher

Wally is an easy-to-use and straight-forward open-source application that automates desktop background rotation using multiple sources; folders, FTP remote folders, Flickr, Yahoo!, Photobucket, Picasa and others.

Its boring to have just one desktop wallpaper sitting there, but its also boring to switch them manually. Wally does that for you. Try out the “Next Photo” feature and see how it switches your desktop background, just like a photo manager. I’ve found many good background rotators for Windows, but for Linux/Ubuntu non has really impressed so far like Wally.

In Ubuntu it takes just a few seconds to install and get started with Wally — given that there are .DEB packages available for download for both 32 and 64bit systems.

Run Wally: Applications -> Accessories -> Wally or Alt+F2 -> wally. Right-click on the icon it places on the taskbar (top panel) and click on “Settings…” In the Wally settings windows, you can now setup Wally to use any of the above mentioned services. If you don’t have a permanent internet connection, then use the local folder where your wallpapers are found. You can point it to Ubuntu’s default Wallpaper folder /usr/share/backgrounds/. That done, now right-click on the Wally taskbar icon again and “Play”.

You can save downloaded wallpapers with “Save photo” or manually switch from one background to another with “Next photo”, likewise “Explore source” takes you to that origin of the wallpaper.

Wally a Qt4 wallpaper changer runs under Linux, Win32, and MacOSX. It’s available in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and Italian.

via [Web Upd8]