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Lobo Browser – An extensible all-Java web browser and RIA platform

The guys at the Lobo Project should be really heady, with all the excellent browsers around they aim at building an extensible browser, written completely in Java.
The Lobo browser should be the first ever browser written in Java. It is developed to completely support HTML4, CSS2, Javascript(AJAX), JavaFX and Java Swing. The browser uses Cobra (an HTML DOM parser and rendering engine) as it’s rendering engine API and Javascript HTML Parser.

It is certainly not the modern browser you’re looking for, but if this project succeeds then Lobo browser will make huge benefits from the potentials of Java, such as extensibility, portability, security and more.

The Lobo Browser has two download-able packages; .zip for Windows OS and .jar for Linux. In both cases you need Java Runtime Environment 1.6+ ( JRE 1.6+) up and running.

In Ubuntu Hardy, the installation goes smoothly provided you have JRE 1.6+, but you’ll surely have to create manually a shortcut to the desktop. To install from a terminal do; java -jar install-lobo-0.98.3.jar and follow the process till the end. To launch go to the Lobo folder and do java -jar lobo.jar

Lobo still has along way to go; poor HTML rendering, no flash support, no extension, no right-click… but being Open Source, it can also counts on the support of the open source community.See forum.