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Nero Linux 4 Adds Easy Wizard-Style UI

Nero Linux 4

Nero the CD/DVD burning application has released version 4 for the Linux OS. This version includes a wizard-style interface (Windows user are familiar to the Nero Wizard) that provides easy-to-follow steps for burning CDs and DVDs on the fly . Nero Linux 4 also includes support for Blu-ray Disc and blue laser data burning. Other new features include support for ISOLINUX Bootable CD/DVD, Blu-ray Disc and enhanced audio format support for AIFF and MusePack.

Nero Linux 4 costs € 19.99: Its available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, SuSE Linux 10.3, Fedora 7, Debian GNU/Linux 4.0, Ubuntu 7.04 and higher versions of these distributions. You can also get a trial version (need to provide email address) for Red Hat and Debian based Linux desktops.

Its up to you todecide if Nero Linux 4 is worth its price tag or not. I stick with free and open-source K3b (sudo apt-get install k3b )

Nero Linux 4