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Twitter Adds Design Tweaks to the Web Browser Version

Twitter Tweaks

Twitter adds power to your web browser by rolling out new design tweaks to the web browser that are quickly noticeable when you go to a user’s profile page. Formerly the ‘Follow’ button was the only option under the username, but now there is a newly designed follow button, and close to it there is a drop-down menu button that when clicked reveals the menu “@Mention”, “Direct Message”, “Unfollow”, “Block”. The “Direct Message” is present only when the Twitter user follows you back.

Added too the above, popular trending topics might also have a short explanation about why it is trending topic, as TechCrunch reports. When i tried that only the ‘Jay-Z’ search gave a short explanation. Unfortunately Kanye West is out of hot trends.
Lastly the default avatar for those users that do not personalize their avatars by uploading a proper profile image is now, guess what, a little Twitter Bird.

via [TechCrunch]