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JackLab Audio Distribution 1.0 for media creators

Linux media lovers have always desired a distribution like JAD – Jacklab Audio Distribution. Now it is out. JAD 1.0 contains a full production environment for media production, primarily music but not only, video and imaging also.
JAD is based on the stable openSUSE 10.2 which uses a real time kernel suitable for multimedia applications and software.

After installation, there are about 70 ready audio applications with sequencers, synthesizers and tools all installed, amongst which Ardour 2 recording software for recording sound tracks, Kdenlive for video editing. Gimp and Firefox are other well known applications included in this distribution.

JAD needs our help to grow. You can participate in many ways as it’s a community based project. They need testers and you can participate in their graphics contest. “The best graphics submitted will be used as default for the bootscreen, wallpaper, skins and icons”. Recently Jacklab and Packman have joined hands to offer JAD access to the PackMan repositories so that up-to-date audio software, non-audio software and multimedia codecs are available to JAD users.
To get your own version of JAD 1.0, download from the JAD project official website.