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Gnome 2.20 Desktop Environment Released


Gnome 2.20 Desktop has been released. The popular multi-platform desktop environment was released today, with a baggage full of new and useful features. Some of the major improvements include;
Improved support for right-to-left languages like Arabic; Evolution now shows an icon in your panel’s notification area when you have a new email. Interactive PDF forms are now supported by Evince viewer, so you less need Adobe Reader.

Graphical representation of drives space like in Windows with file manager Nautilus, for laptop users more efficient power management and accurate laptop battery monitoring, Fileroller archive manager now supports drag & drop between separate instances and can also handle remote files. Totem has also evolved and now has better support for embedded video in web pages, it even permits you to go into full-screen mode from a web page.

The GNOME Desktop is released every six months with many new features, improvements, “bug” fixes and translations. Linux lovers appreciate its originality and their quest for better functionality. Get detailed release notes and download the new versions from the Gnome website