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Ubuntu 10.04 codenamed Lucid Lynx

Lucid Lynx

“Ubuntu is known for having the funkiest release code names around”. Well, that’s very true, and keeping in line with this tradition Ubuntu 10.04 also gets an equally funky codename: Lucid Lynx. Waat!!!. And the code names won’t get better, suggestion for the code name of Ubuntu 10.10 are on the way. It might fall on something like Munchy Mammoth, Maudlin Manatee or Marauding Macaque. Do you have any suggestion. Drop them here: DevelopmentCodeNames

[Update 1] The Ubuntu patron Mark Shuttleworth announces the code name of Ubuntu 10.04 : Lucid Lynx, in this video and a few details on what this new version will be all about.