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Adapting Greasemonkey UserScripts for Opera Browser

Opera 10: Nested Twitter Replies

For Windows, Linux and Mac: I’m still trying to get the best out of my Opera 10 browser, cause i think its worth the pain :). Opera 10 is fast and stable on my Ubuntu 9.04 and there are times I prefer it to Firefox. Opera like Firefox can use scripts and setting-up scripts in Opera is equally easy like in Firefox, unfortunately they are very few Opera scripts out there. Good enough one of those rare Opera scripts is practically a Greasemonkey emulator known as “Emulate GM functions”.

To setup scripts in Opera 10, first create a folder in your Home Folder and call it “opera-scripts”, then launch the browser, hit Ctrl+F12 or Tools menu -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Content -> JavaScript options… In the “User JavaScript files” field drop the path to your “opera-scripts” folder and hit “Ok” to close the dialog.

To complement Greasemonkey features with what Opera’s User JavaScript has to offer, get the adapter script “Emulate GM functions“. Use “Save Page As…” if you’re using Firefox or “Save As” if using Opera to save the file as aagmfunctions.js in the “opera-script” folder. Don’t rename it. Close Opera 10 and re-open. Its now time to try out any of your favorite Greasemonkey scripts with Opera 10.

How to install Greasemonkey userscripts on Opera: You need to download the scripts into your “opera-scripts folder. Use any other browser that is not Firefox, like Opera, move to the userscript page, hit “Install” and save the page making sure you do not modify the script extension for example auto_buffer_hd.user.js. If Opera is open, close it and re-open. Certainly not userscripts will work and if they do the results might differ from that of Firefox.

In the screenshot above I used the Nested Twitter Replies userscripts. I also tried some YouTube userscripts like YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD & Remove Ads and YouTube Enhancer script with discrete results.

[Update 1]

YouTube Enhancer userscript

I need to say the after a real “jam session” with user YouTube Enhancer script in Opera 10 the results are really satisfactory. The screenshot says it all. The outcome is just like what you’ll get with Firefox. The YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD & Remove Ads script also brings YouTube video clips buffering in Opera 10 browser.

[Update 2]
Greased Lightbox User Script on Opera, see screenshot, read more .