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Spon.gy: Download your Facebook Photo Albums with a No-install Webapp

Spon.gy Facebook Photo Downloader

For Mac, Linux and Windows: Spon.gy is a free web-application that helps you to download your Facebook albums in just two steps; login and download. Spon.gy downloads all “Photos Tagged of You” with the option to include photos in your own albums. You don’t have to install Spon.gy and its accessible from every computer with a web browser and an internet connection.

Unlike Fotobounce a Facebook photo albums desktop downloader for Windows and FacePAD Firefox add-on, Spon.gy doesn’t download your friends photo albums, I can’t say if that’s positive or not but the downside of Spon.gy for sure is that you’ll have to lend it your Facebook account, that alone is “bad news”, when added to the complete absence of an anti-phishing disclaimer on the site, it becomes less appetizing.
Spon.gy will soon offer direct importation of your MySpace photos into Facebook.

[Update:1] A note from the developer (Roberto) of Spon.gy:
I followed your suggestion by adding a privacy policy today. I just wanted to let you and your readers know that their user credentials are safe when they use spon.gy. You can read the full privacy policy at http://spon.gy/privacy
Thanks again for your article!