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How to Enable Opera Unite in Opera 12

Opera Software the company that develops the Opera web browser has decided to remove Opera Unite and Opera Widgets in version 12.0 of the famous web browser. Opera Unite was a cutting-edge technology that transformed a simple computer into a powerful web server with no cost involved.
I firmly believe Opera Unite had a place in our PCs – with Unite it was damn easy to share stuff across my Ubuntu, Windows and Android handset.

As said Opera Unite is not present in Opera v12.0 but I’m still using it, and that’s because I did not do a fresh install of Opera v12.0 but I upgraded my Opera web browser from a previous version that had Unite enabled. If you still need Unite like me, than grab an older version of Opera – Opera 11 is available to download for Windows at Filehippo.com. Search in torrent websites too. Ubuntu and Fedora users can get Opera 11 here
Opera 12 Unite
Now install and launch Opera, then enable Unite in the browser’s status bar. Also enable the Web Server and File Sharing Services. Close the browser and download the latest version of Opera. Install the program, overriding the existing Opera 11.0. When you run open Opera 12 this time around Unite will be enabled by default.