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What is OpenID and how can you apply it?

France’s Internet Service Provider(ISP) Orange adopts OpenID. The news is a recent one and comes straight from the Digital ID conference in San Francisco. It simply says, Orange the big French ISP with over 40million subscribers around the world adopt the OpenID registration standard. This is a major move by the French operator to lower the cost of password or account management by embracing the Open Source OpenID registration/classentification standards.
So what is OpenID all about?

A brief explanation
“OpenID means the elimination of multiple user names and passwords and a smoother, more secure, online experience. For businesses, this means a lower cost of password or account management, the opportunity for easier and higher numbers of new user registrations and the elimination of missed transactions because of user frustration with lost and forgotten passwords. OpenID allows for innovation in the authentication space beyond just using a password to “unlock” your OpenID classentity, but the ability to strongly protect your OpenID and have that benefit move with you everywhere you go online.”

This video helps to further more explain what OpenID is all about . Buona Visione!!!

… and here is another video to put you through and how to get started