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StumbleUpon Toolbar gets Web Page Sharing across Twitter and Facebook via Su.pr

StumbleUpon Toolbar

“I already have the Stumble toolbar installed. Just give me a button to send to Su.pr so I can submit it to Twitter without another bookmarklet”. That’s exactly what a StumbleUpon user asked for a while ago in the Su.pr Suggestions Feedback Forum. Now the StumbleUpon team has made it possible to post a web page directly from the StumbleUpon Toolbar to Twitter and Facebook via Su.pr – the new service by StumbleUpon that permits you to shorten a URL and share it across Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon.

Su.pr Message box

How do you post a web page to Su.pr using the StumbleUpon toolbar? The screenshot above says it all. Click on the “Share” button on the Toolbar and hit the Twitter/Facebook link. Log-into your Su.pr account. The URL of the web page you want to send to Twitter and Facebook will be automatically inserted into the Su.pr message box, ready to be shortened and posted.