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Personas Updates and Permits you to Randomly load your Favorite Skins


Mozilla Lab has released a new version of the Firefox add-on Personas -- that brings on-the-fly lightweight “Skins”to your Firefox web browser. Personas v1.3 adds a new curious feature: “Random Selection from Favorites” (shown on screenshot) that lets you to randomly wear your favorite skins on your Firefox browser.

To use this feature, you’ll have to get a Personas account, then log-in, select your favorite Personas from a gallery of nearly 30,000 designs, then tell Personas to randomly dress-up your browser with your favorite Personas one at a time or periodically pick one at random!

Certainly we’ll all want Personas to dress our Firefox browser this way;

Personas Revisited

NOTE: the screenshots is a work in progress. [via Showing More Skin: Personas Revisited ] Fortunately there is someone working on that, and that’s the new Visual Designer for Mozilla Labs

Personas is a free download for Mac ,Linux and Windows Platforms. It practically works wherever there is a Firefox.

Introducing Favorites With Personas 1.3