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Backup and restore documents with Duplicity


Backup and restore files and documents in a remote server with duplicity. Duplicity backs-up directories by producing encrypted tar-format volumes and uploads them to a remote or local file server. Duplicity like rsync recognises modifications/updates on files and transmits only the modified part, all with the aim to reduce band consumption and for a faster transmission.
Duplicity proves to be very versatile when it comes to transfer of data; it supports scp/ssh, ftp, and rysnc.
To install Duplicity, the librsync library is needed, install it with this command.

make install

In Ubuntu install librsync with the Synaptic Package Manager

Given that Duplicity is a Python, it can be installed in the following way;

python setup.py install – -prefix=/usr/local

To backup a directory in a remote server, do

duplicity /home

This command sends the local /home directory to the remote server backup.wclassatec.net in the directory /export/backup/home_www.

To restore the directory do

duplicity scp://root@backup.wclassatec.net
//export/backup/home_www /home

With this command Duplicity recuperates from the remote archive the local /home directory