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Enigmail Nightly Builds for Thunderbird 3

For Windows, Mac and Linux: Enigmail, the Thunderbird extension that makes sending and receiving encrypted email easy  now has a nightly build for Thunderbird 3. This security extension for Thunderbird and Seamonkey makes encryption and decryption  of sensitive data in emails just a matter of a click –  by using the OpenGPG standard provided by GnuPG.

Enigmail is also easy to set-up. After installing the plug-in you’ll be guided by the extensions “OpenPGP Setup Wizard”. It is capable of detecting already present OpenPGP keys on your system, but it can also generate a key pair for you.

Exploit Enigmail’s quick start guide to get the utmost out of this extension.

At the Enigmail Project website you’ll find stable versions of Enigmail for Thunderbird 2.0, Seamonkey 1.0 and 2.0 beta. The version for Thunderbird 3.0 (Thunderbird nightlies to be precise) is an alpha, and works well with the current Thunderbird 3 beta 4. It’s available for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms. Anyway, handle with care!!!

Download Enigmail Nightly Builds ~ v.0.97a