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GnoMenu gets ‘wrapped up’ in Avant Window Navigator (AWN) 0.4 Beta

GnoMenu , eye-candy Applications Menu will have version 2.0 out soon, maybe on the 15th of this month and Avant Window Navigator, my favorite dock will soon be releasing version 0.4 with support for non composited Linux desktops. Right now you can get version also considered as AWN 0.4 beta from PPA for Awn Testing Team or simply add this line to your Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic sources.list: ppa:awn-testing/ppa and get updates via the Update Manager.

AWN 0.4 beta (AWN now has an applet for GnoMenu, so after installing GnoMenu (using its new PPA repository) instead of adding it to the gnome-panel, move to “Awn Settings” in Preferences menu, under the “Applets” tab, look for GnoMenu and drag it into “Active Applets”. That will be its new launching spot – great indeed. In the screenshot above AWN “Orientation” is on the right and GnoMenu is “Slab” skinned.