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VirtualBox 3.1.0 Beta 1 released


For Windows, Mac and Linux: Sun Microsystem has released the beta version of VirtualBox 3.1. Given that VirtualBox 3.1 is going to be a major update, this beta is a useful way to evaluate all the new features that might be present in the VirtualBox 3.1 final.

Virtualbox 3.1 beta comes with; Teleportation (live migration), that is, you can move a running virtual machine session from one computer to another. Enabled 2D video acceleration for Windows guests that uses the host video hardware for overlay stretching and colour conversion. The network attachment type can be changed while the virtual machine is running, that is you can switch from LAN to Wifi without having to re-start the virtual machine.

Other features;

– Experimental USB support for OpenSolaris hosts making use of the latest USB enhancements in Solaris Nevada 124 and higher.
– Significant performance improvements for PAE and AMD64 guests (VT-x and AMD-V only; normal (non-nested) paging)
– Experimental support for EFI (Extended Firmware Interface)
– VirtIO network device support

VirtualBox 3.1 beta 1 also includes bug fixes for the current VirtualBox 3.0.10;

– GUI: prevent starting a VM with a single mouse click
– 3D support: fix graphics corruption in World of Warcraft
– 3D support: fix crashes in FarCry, SecondLife, Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament, Eve Online
– Shared folders: VBOXSVR is visible in Network folder
– Windows and Linux Additions: added balloon tip notifier if VirtualBox host version was updated and Additions are out of date
– Windows Additions: added automatic logon support for Windows Vista and Windows 7
– Windows Additions: fix crash in seamless mode
– Linux Additions: added support for uninstalling the Linux Guest Additions
– SDK: added object-oriented web service bindings for PHP5
– Mac OS X hosts: don’t auto show the menu and dock in fullscreen
– and More…

Move to the VirtualBox Forum for a complete list of bug fixes and additions.
Download Virtualbox 3.1 beta 1