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The VMware Server 2.0 Beta is now available


VMware a leading company when it comes to virtual platforms released lately the beta of it’s next server platform. This servers gives the possibility to run an operating system on another- (some sought of WINE but in a bigger way). You could run Windows on Ubuntu. Better still Ubuntu on Windows . The above mentioned is possible because the ultimate beta 2.0 version of VMware Server comes with support for Windows Vista business, Ubuntu 7.10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. The release notes also say that it has greater scalability with respect to the past versions, a new Web-based user interface that provides a simple, flexible, intuitive and productive way for you to manage your virtual machines and support for USB 2.0 devices. Get your Linux version and get into virtualisation. The Vmware Server is free but not Open Source, so you’ll have to use it as it.