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Bookmark Sync for Chromium Linux now Available [No Plug-ins]

Bookmark sync in Chromium Linux

Google Chrome’s bookmark syncing feature (without installing any plug-ins) has been available for the Windows beta version of Chrome 4. This same feature has now been dropped on Chromium builds for Linux. Chromium is the open source project behind Google Chrome. If you often update your Chromium builds for Linux, you should have noticed the ‘Sync my Bookmarks’ in wrench menu – this un-enabled sync feature was mentioned on this blog about 10 days ago.

The most recent build of Chromium for Linux (mine reads (Ubuntu build 32003)) has bookmark sync enabled but not by default. To enable it, launch the command-line and type: chromium-browser --enable-sync. The Chromium browser will open up with sync enabled in the wrench and Chromium Option -> Personal Stuff. You need a Google account to get your bookmarks synced across Chromium and Chrome browsers. Your bookmarks are stored in your Google account, under Google Docs.