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GnoMenu 2.0 Released – Now works on Debian and Suse Linux


GnoMenu applications menu hits version 2.0. This new version now works on Debian and Suse Linux desktops. It comes with lots of bug fixes, speed improvements, and new features. GnoMenu 2.0 has two kick-ass features. It can now be launched from AWN and, you can access your Firefox, Opera, Chromium bookmarks, and that of other browsers like Epiphany, Mclassori, Konkeror directly from this application.

Other features:

– Completely new default theme called simply Menu.
– Ability to use gtk theme colors in all of the menu (requires numpy installed)
– Ability to use system wide icons in tabs, buttons.
– Thumbnails in recent files
– Tool-tips in menu.
– Sound themes
– New tab effects
– Ability to select any key bind combination not only Super_L
– Preferences menu is now slimmer
– Pot translations
– Key scrolling on menu

Get GnoMenu 2.0 via GnoMenu PPA or download, unpack and install. GnoMenu is released under the GNU GPL v3 license.