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Filezilla 3.0 – FTP File Transfer for Linux


If you are tired of the rather problematic gFTP that comes as a pre-installed in Linux distros like Ubuntu, like I am, then get Filezilla 3.0. Filezilla is a popular open source, FTP file transfer client and now cross-platform. Windows users know it well, Linux users have the chance to appreciate its capabilites with the first version for Linux. It is simple to use, with an intuitive interface. If you’ve used it on Windows then you would’nt have any problems even though some options have been moved

On Ubuntu install it with

sudo apt-get install filezilla

If you prefer tweaking, then get the source codes
N:B When uploading files make sure you choose the right transfer mode; ASCII or Bitmap. The option are found on “Settings” under the “Edit” tool menu. Auto might still corrupt your files.