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Google Translate New Look Now Translates as you Type

Three new features have been added to Google Translate, the free service with 51 different languages that helps you translate text and web pages from one language to another.

Google Translate now translates as you type – The good old “Translate” button is now obsolete. Live translation also helps you modify the original language according to the translated text.

You can now read and write non-Roman languages like Chinese with “Show romanization” to read the text written phonetically in English. Works for all non-Roman languages except for Hebrew, Arabic and Persian. You can from translate from one of these languages with the new input transliteration feature which allows you to type words as they sound and convert them to native script.

The new Text-to-speech feature allows you to listen to translations from other languages to English, so you also get the English pronunciation. Click the Speaker Icon to hear your “to-English” translations.

Via [Google Blog]