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Miro the free and Open Source alternative to Joost


The version 1.0 of the application formerly know as Democracy player has been released. The new-born, bug fixed Miro is an improved open source video player that sets as its major objective – be better to Joost.
Miro is DRM-free and friendly to all content creators. It connects to all the popular video sharing sites like YouTube and blip.tv and has high definitions, full of content video.
Miro could be used to search and download video from the internet regardless of whether they are professionally produced or user-generated. It downloads via HTTP or BitTorrent. If you are rather interested in streaming video, it converts into download streaming video from sites like Youtube and DailyMotion.
You can install Miro from its source codes or directly from its repository on a Debian based platforms using sudo apt-get install miro. But first, you need to add the necessary repository to your apt sources list (on my Ubuntu 7.10 Ididn’t find it necessary ) before carrying out the installation.
Miro could also be used as a video manager. If you want it can search your local folders for video and get them better organized under the ”Library”.
Miro is released under GNU/GPL License.