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Firefox 3.6 Beta 4 Released

The Firefox 3.6 Beta saga goes on. Episode 4 a.k.a Firefox 3.6 beta 4 adds a 100+ fixes pack to previous Firefox 3.6 beta 3.

If you are using Firefox 3.6 beta 3 then Help -> Check for Updates and improve your browsing experience with a more stable and secured FF3.6b4. Web developers and Add-on developers have much to gain from this update.

– New in this version is the support for HTML 5 File API; “it’s now possible for web content to ask the user to select local files, then read the contents of those files. This selection can be done by either using an HTML input element, or by drag and drop.”

Help Mozilla make sure your favorite add-ons get updated for upcoming Firefox releases by using the Add-on Compatibility Reporter. Download Firefox 3.6 Beta 4