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The Perfect Mozilla Firefox Blog


Well, after looking at the statistics of my blog, I felt it was necessary to write this post because I noticed about 88.3% of the visitors of this blog use Mozilla Firefox- WOW, whilst only 7.2% of the visitors use IE. If you are one of the 7.2% then know you are EVIL. IE is the cause of about 50% of the problems you could encounter on your system. That evil software ruins your system and mine too, so stop viewing this blog thru the eyes of IE, this blog is made to run better and faster on Mozilla Firefox, like many other blogs or sites around.


If you are not allowed to install software at your work place or as in the case of many public internet centres, then get Firefox Portable on your pendrive and use any where. It is easy to use and does not need any installation.


My statistics also say 61% of visitors use Windows whilst 31.8% use Linux. This means a good number of the visitor that use Windows prefer Mozilla Firefox, so why not join this group of reasonable persons. If you have a personal problem with Firefox, then you’re permitted to try Opera, Netscape Navigator, ioSwiftFox, Konqueror, Safari, Mozilla – IE not allowed.


Whilst hoping to get a Mozilla Firefox Only blog (i.e. 100% visitors using Firefox) in the coming days, I wish you all a Happy Surfing with Firefox. If your Firefox statistics are better than mine, or you want to know why Firefox leads by far on this blog, let me know in the comments.