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Use Facebook to Protect Your Email Address from Scrappers

A simple trick you can quickly deploy to prevent your email addresses from scrappers is use to display them in an image format. That’s exactly how Facebook deals with our email addresses to prevent friends and spambots from scrapping them. So if you need an email image and don’t have time to create one, then just export your Facebook-generated email images.

How do you get it done? Right-click and copy the web address of your email image in your Facebook profile, the URL looks like this:

where AAAAAQAQa5MOo0lb7KQff_cg%2C is a unique string that is much longer than what is represented here and 8.7 is the font size of the image email.
You can now embed the email image into web pages with

Given that Facebook permits you to use these URLs out of Facebook, each time someone asks for your email address on Twitter for example just copy and paste the entire URL of your Facebook-generated email image.

via [Digital Inspiration]