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Google Chrome for Linux goes Beta

Google Chrome Linux Beta

Linux users that want to run Google Chrome on their “healthy” systems no longer have to get the unstable Google Chrome Development Build – Google has provided a less-unstable beta for Linux and Mac users. This beta doesn’t have all the features available to Chrome on Windows like the -&#45purge-memory-button switch that adds a ‘Purge memory’ button to the Task Manager – it helps to free up your memory. Google Chrome for Linux Beta is the same version ( with the cutting-edge Chrome development builds.

So why drop your Chrome dev builds for Chrome beta? Because Chrome beta integrates better with your native GTK Linux themes, its faster and safer.

Completely remove Chrome builds (sudo apt-get remove google-chrome-unstable) before installing the beta: sudo apt-get install google-chrome-beta

Grab Google Chrome for Linux Beta via [Google Chrome Blog]