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Get access to your Bluetooth Phones with your Ubuntu Desktop


Getting your Linux box to use Bluetooth could lead to many issues, there are many solutions out there and these solutions usually differ with the Linux distro. Using my old Motorola A1000 and with this guide from ars technica at hand, I succeeded in getting my phone Bluetooth-connected with my Ubuntu Desktop, using a Bluetooth adapter given that my old Sony Vaio doesn’t have an embedded Bluetooth support – I now download and upload video, mp3 and more
Following the two solutions offered by ars technica, I found the OBEX file transfers in Nautilus solution easier even though it does not provide full access to phone’s files – with Obex you can’t access your phone’s address book.
The Bitpim solution is a bit more tedious and unreliable but it gives you full access to your device – Bitpim is very powerful and unstable so take care when you use it.
All these are Open Source/Linux solutions that permit you to use just one package and access most of your Bluetooth phones.
If there are other solutions out there let us know in the comments.