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Need a second PC? Why not multiply the first


Userful is a Canadian company that creates Desktop Multiplier software. With this software you could transform a PC into a dual-station PC that supports two users at the same time. What does it take to build your own dual Station PC?

– An extra video card or a dual-head video card
– Get an extra monitor,
– Add a USB keyboard and mouse

and the Multiplier software would do the rest.
(In my case I used my Ubuntu Laptop) What if you have a Laptop – Most laptops have an extra video card and many USB port for your mouse and keyboard. All you need is Multiplier and the game is done.
Desktop Multiplier runs better on the open source Linux operating system and is also perfectly legal.
Desktop Multiplier is available from the Ubuntu 7.10 Multiverse repository and can therefore be easily installed. – RPM packages are also available whilst the LiveCD makes it possible to test hardware compatibility before installing.
via [Digital Journal]