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Firefox extension – FireFTP


The FireFTP extension transforms your Firefox browser into a full-featured FTP client. This tools is very easy-to- use and much more comfortable than many other FTP clients you’ll find around. The more you get used to it the more you’ll get to appreciate its usefulness. FireFTP uses an Explorer-like interface and offers various features amongst; directory comparison and syncing, SSL encryption, and file hashing.

To install FireFTP, you need to follow the famous three step process for installing Firefox plugins.

1. Get the Firefox FireFTP extension
2. If you have default security settings on your browser, you should be asked for a “permit” to use this extension. After adding this site to the list of Trusted sites, click Install Now.
3. Once successfully installed, you’ll be asked to Restart Firefox.

You’ll have to go the Firefox Customize Toolbar and drag the FireFTP icon into your Toolbar.
You can now launch your new and well integrated Firefox FireFTP client. Now you can create a new account(if you need one) by clicking Manage Accounts > New on the top left hand-side. On the top right hand-side you’ll find the Tools > Option window where you can better configure your FTP client. More on the FireFTP support page.
Like all Firefox Add-ons or plugins, FireFTP client is free and Open Source, just like the optimal Filezilla FTP client