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Specto brings Instant Notifications and More to your Desktop

By • May 29th, 2009 • Filed under: Open-Source, Ubuntu

Linux/Gnome: Specto, now version 0.3 release candidate 1 is a little dock-able desktop notification tool, that night-watches your email accounts, prefered websites, feeds, Facebook and informs you when these accounts are updated; say a new mail, a Facebook status update, new feeds and so on and provides a “Jump to” link to the updated account […]

Gcompmgr: Graphical front end for Xcompmgr Composite Window Manager

By • Feb 22nd, 2009 • Filed under: Linux Tips and Tricks, Ubuntu

The easy way of getting compositing on your Gnome Desktop is activating the in-built composite manager in Metacity window manager. It won’t give you 3-D like Compiz but it is better than nothing — that should be enough get your docky apps (AWN and Gnome-Do), that need Compiz working. To activate open “gconf-editor”; $ gconf-editor […]