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TeamViewer Remote Desktop Lands on Linux


TeamViewer, the easy-to-use remote desktop tool is now available for Linux desktops, the Linux client is also a no-config, no-install application that can establish connections as well as wait for incoming connects, without the need to open ports on a firewall. This tools makes screen sharing really easy across different platforms – from your *buntu you can gain control of a friendly Windows or Mac desktop in just a few seconds. More»

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Desktop Webmail Integrates Gmail, Hotmail, Zoho and Yahoo! with Ubuntu 10.04

Desktop Webmail
You’ve probably moved to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, now beta 2, and already tweaking and personalizing your OS with necessary utilities. Now grab Desktop Webmail and gain quick access to your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and ZoHo e-mail accounts via its (Desktop Webmail’s) pop-up dialog (see screenshot above). After installing Desktop Webmail (sudo apt-get install desktop-webmail) set-it-up as your default e-mail client in System -> Preferences -> Preferred Application – > Mail Reader, replacing Evolution, Thunderbird 3 or whatever e-mail client you have as default. More»

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Integrate Gmail to your Linux Desktop with Gnome Gmail

Gnome Gmail

On installing Gnome Gmail on your Ubuntu Desktop you get the option to set Gmail as your default mail reader in Preferred Applications. In other words, with Gnome Gmail, Gmail becomes an email desktop client like Thunderbird or Evolution. Its supports “To:”, “Subject:”, “body”, “CC:”, and “BCC: fields, so when you click on an email link in your web browser Gmail readily comes-up, you can right-click a file, select “Send to” to attach the file and place it in your Drafts folder, naturally you’ll have to emit your Gmail username and password. More»

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How to run Opera Mini browser on your Computer

For Windows, and Linux: Opera Mini, the mobile version of the Opera web browser is certainly one of the best mobile browsers out there. Unlike Mozilla’s Mobile browser, Fennec, Opera Mini does not have builds for your computer, so you can’t get to test it before loading it into your smartphone, unless you use a walk-around like this one below; More»

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GNOME Activity Journal hits the Road

GNOME Activity Journal

GNOME Activity Journal is a nascent but promising tool for the Gnome desktop environment (Ubuntu, openSUSE, Mandriva etc ) that provides a simple User Interface to browse and find files on your computer. More»

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