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DownThemAll! 2.0 Beta

By • Jun 2nd, 2010 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source

DownThemAll! a Mozilla recommended add-on, an advanced download manager built inside Firefox has released a preview of its next major version, DownThemAll! 2.0 beta 1 for testing. DownThemAll! is a capable of increasing download speed up to 400%, whilst allowing you to pause and resume downloads at any time.

Personas Rotator Periodically rotates your Firefox Skins

By • May 24th, 2010 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source

Just as you can rotate your desktop wallpapers periodically with tools like Wally, Personas skins can be periodically swapped with Personas Rotator, a firefox extension that automatically rotates and loads your Personas skins. Loaded skins are chosen from within collection of your choose, you can log into GetPersonas.com and select your own favorites, the add-on […]

Account Manager for Firefox

By • Apr 28th, 2010 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source

Account Manager is an experimental Firefox extension that lets you login and logout of web sites by clicking the Account Manager button to ‘Connect’ and ‘Disconnect’ from your online account. It makes the whole damn process of getting in-and-out of web sites easy. The project went public a month ago but then testing wasn’t possible […]

Mozilla readmits Conduit Toolbars on Mozilla Add-ons (AMO) Firefox

By • Mar 31st, 2010 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source

In a recent update of its Add-on Policies, Mozilla readmits the once forbclassden Conduit toolbars on Mozilla Add-ons, also known as AMO. Conduit toolbars generated with tools from Conduit were removed from AMO principally because of their ‘poor’ quality and privacy standards. Mozilla and Conduit paired up to work on security and privacy issues on […]

Firefox for Nokia’s Maemo Platform Now Available [Firefox Mobile]

By • Jan 30th, 2010 • Filed under: Firefox, Open-Source

Mozilla enters directly into the mobile browser market with the release of its first ever mobile browser. Fennec ‘Maemo’ 1.0 is now available for Nokia N900. Opera Mini the leader in this sector should watch-out as Firefox intends to bring all its desktop experience to mobile devices – for example Mozilla rolled out Weave Sync […]