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Find Open Source Projects at Ohloh – The Open Source Directory and Network

There are many Open Source directories out there with extensive lists of Open Source applications, alternatives to Windows and projects, but Ohloh is not another Open Source all-in-one directory, it is also a network, a mashable-like community for Open Source users and developers. It unites Open Source apps with their users and coders.

With Ohloh it is easy to know what applications your friends are using and contributing to – it groups-up users according the applications they use.

You can take advantage of Ohloh to promote yourself and projects – it ranks indivclassual developers by tracking their activity, given that open source projects publish their code.

All widespread and quality Open Source applications are listed in this network/directory, including projects on Firefox add-ons, WordPress plugins, OpenOffice.org extensions, Google Summer of Code, even FaceBook projects.

Projects do not have to be cross-platform to be included, so you’ll find many Windows-only Open source apps like Sumatra Pdf or Linux-only apps like Cheese.

I found all the application I use on my Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Desktop and Server, except the WIFI-Radar; anyway it is not a must-have.

Ohloh was created by former Microsoft managers Jason Allen and Scott Collinsin back in 2004 and now has over 19,500 running projects.