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Personas the Live Firefox Theme Loader


Personas is a Firefox extension that adds lightweight theming to your browser. Creared by Mozilla Labs vice president Chris Beard, Personas is a Firefox add-on prototype that helps you instantly load custom artwork to the Firefox chrome, including the toolbars, tabs, and status bar – without having to restart your browser.


This Personas version embeds a Menu at the the left-hand side of the status bar; this menu is dynamically loaded and populated from a JSON feed. Designs and themes are loaded from URLs to remote resources.

kit developer

Mozilla Lab is developing a new API that will permit developers to submit ready made content in the feed – based on Web content, including support for anything that can load in a content window such as HTML, CSS, PNG, JPG, Javascript, SVG and Canvas.
The Personas Add-on is compatible with Firefox on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms and is installed like any other Firefox Add-on.