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Unofficial Opera 10.50 Pre-Alpha

Opera 10.50 Pre-Alpha will be officially released on December 22nd but someone let the cat out of the bag before hand and Opera 10.50 is now available for download.

I couldn’t find any source codes or Linux builds so I downloaded the Windows version and being an Opera fan I also took the risk to install it on my Windows Xp. This leak is a non official pre-alpha for non productive systems; Even the Opera website warns users against this leak-version calling it “an old internal build of Opera 10.5”. Nonetheless I installed it.

Whilst waiting for the official “speedy” Opera 10.50 on Tuesday and its release notes this is what you might find;

A new “Private Tab” for Private Browsing, like what you have in Firefox 3.5+

Thumbnail Previews on tabs

If you’re still interested in getting a copy of leaked Opera 10.50 look for it Here