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Archive for March, 2009

Mythbuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Beta Screenshot Tour

By • Mar 29th, 2009 • Filed under: Open-Source, Ubuntu

Mythbuntu is a community built MythTV-focused distribution of Ubuntu. It aims at resolving the difficulties of setting up a standalone MythTV system with Ubuntu. MythTv as Mythbuntu becomes a full-fleshed open source DVR (Digital Video Recorder) application, with a solid developer community in the background. Its development cycle closely follows that of Ubuntu — it […]

Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Beta Released

By • Mar 27th, 2009 • Filed under: Ubuntu

The beta version of the upcoming Linux distribution Ubuntu 9.04 dubbed Jaunty Jackalope is now available for download by testers and none. Jaunty Jackalope beta comes with the recently released GNOME Desktop Enviroment 2.26 and the kernel version 2.6.28-9 and includes the following goodies; Compiz 0.8.2, Pidgin 2.5.5; GIMP 2.6.5; Transmission 1.51; Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7; […]

Metapad turns 10 and goes Open Source

By • Mar 21st, 2009 • Filed under: Open-Source

Ten years after it’s first release, the feather-weight text editor metapad, a fantastic alternative to Microsoft’s Notepad has been freed, its source code is now freely available — it is now Open Source. The light, fast, plenty-feature (w.r.t to Notepad), Windows-only ( 9x/NT/XP/Vista) text editor has for long proven to be more than a valid […]

Windows 7: Finally Internet Explorer Browser becomes an Option

By • Mar 11th, 2009 • Filed under: Windows

… Sounds crazy. With Windows 7 it would be possible to turn-off Internet Explorer 8, but not uninstall it — not yet. So after 12 long years, with the help of the EU (European Union) Windows partially-divorces with one of its most controversial applications, Internet Explorer -IE. This naturally makes way for a more “open” […]

Add more features to your Right-Click Menu with Nautilus Pyextensions

By • Mar 11th, 2009 • Filed under: Linux Tips and Tricks, Ubuntu

Nautilus (GNOME file manager) PyExtensions is a graphical manager for nautilus python extensions. Written in python and pygtk, this manager also bundles up offers three python extensions for getting things quickly done — extensions that add more functions on your right-click menu. – open-terminal-geometry.py; it allows you to right-click, open a terminal window on a […]