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How to enable Google Chrome Web Apps

Google Chrome Web Apps

Web Apps have landed on Google Chrome Dev Channel and Chromium, recent Chrome Dev channel that you can download here ships three Chrome Web Apps for the curious and for testing purposes. Google Mail (GMail), Google Doc, and Google Calender functionalities can be enabled in Google Chrome Dev and Chromium browsers in the mean time, while waiting for the Chrome Web Store later this year, that will include both free and paclass web apps. More»

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Jolicloud ‘Robby’ Pre-Final with HTML5 for Web Apps released

Jolicloud Robby Pre-Final

Jolicloud, the Ubuntu based Linux distribution for netbooks is now HTML5 ready, the Jolicloud team ditched Mozilla Prism web app rendering engine for a customized version of Chromium with HTML5 capabilities, and h.264 video codec support. They named their customized Chromium ‘Nickel’ and freed its source codes. More»

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Time to Download your own Google Chrome OS Build

The web is crowded with lots of information on the Debian based Google Chrome OS promptly called Chrome OS. If you’re eager to get your hands on the newly released Linux operating system then grab the ready to use VMware compiled image of Chrome OS for testing on a virtual machine environment like the freely available, cross-platform VirtualBox.

This is not an official build, it was complied by a guy at Pirate bay BitTorrent, so it might not be that safe. Chrome OS is open source so you can as well download the source code and build yours. Instructions are available at the Chromium OS developers site. Running Chrome OS in a virtual machine also means you won’t get all its power and performance like the 7 second boot time – Nonetheless its worth a try and costs you nothing.

Download Chrome OS at Pirate Bay ~ via [TechCrunch]

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